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Hydrogen Capacity: 740 standard liters (28.2 scf)* Discharge Rate: (See Note 1)
Recharge Time: ~ 2 days (See Note 2)
Cylinder Diameter: 4.6 inch (117 mm)
Overall Length: 8.1 inch (206 mm)
Mass: 12.1 lb (5.5 kg)
Destructive Proof Test: >2400 psig (160 bar)
Pressure Relief Valve Set: <550 psig (37 bar)
Materials: Stainless Steel Cylinder with Brass Fittings



Note 1: The discharge rate depends on many variables. We can help you select a SOLID-H™ metal hydride alloy and hydrogen container(s) that will meet your hydrogen flow requirements. In general, you should not expect to empty the entire hydrogen capacity in a matter of minutes. Hours are required to withdraw 90% or more of the hydrogen capacity from a standard** metal hydride container. The largest SOLID-H™ containers require days to discharge completely.


Note 2: The specified recharge time is for cooling by still air at 20℃ and the charging pressure specified in the SOLID-H™ manual for Alloys A, L, M or H. A fan will shorten charging time.




SKU: BL-740
Expected to ship Jan 1st 2023
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