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Hydrogen Capacity: 18 standard liters (0.67 scf)*Discharge Rate: See Note 1
Recharge Time: ~ 4 hours (See Note 2)Cylinder Diameter: 1 inch (25.4 mm)
Overall Length: 7.2 inch (183 mm)Mass: 0.725 lb (329 grams)
Destructive Proof Test: >7000 psig (476 bar)Pressure Relief Valve Set: <550 psig (37 bar)
Materials: Carbon Steel Cylinder with Brass Fittings 


Note 1: The discharge rate depends on many variables. We can help you select a SOLID-H™ metal hydride alloy and hydrogen container(s) that will meet your hydrogen flow requirements. In general, you should not expect to empty the entire hydrogen capacity in a matter of minutes. Hours are required to withdraw 90% or more of the hydrogen capacity from a standard** metal hydride container. The largest SOLID-H™ containers require days to discharge completely.


Note 2: The specified recharge time is for cooling by still air at 20℃ and the charging pressure specified in the SOLID-H™ manual for Alloys A, L, M or H. A fan will shorten charging time.


*Absolute capacity at diminishing rate for Alloy L,M or H, the standard alloys for this container. With Alloy A the absolute capacity is increased to 20 standard liters (0.76 scf).


**It is possible to discharge a metal hydride in a matter of seconds. This requires extraordinary heat transfer enhancement inside and outside of the container. We can provide heat transfer enhancement to improve the charging and discharging rates of our SOLID-H™ containers.



SKU: BL-18
Expected to ship Jan 1st 2023
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